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Zotac ION ITX-A full evaluation
Published on 2009/5/13 by Florence
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PAGE1:Zotac ION introduction


Atom processor has gradually become wildly pop products of low power consumption integrated platform. Current netbooks, mini PC all adopts Atom+945GC/ZC and gains large market share. It seems Atom platform indeed is popular among many users. What’s the fact?

The question traces back to 945GC/ZC. It’s been tied to an antiquated 945G series chipset and thoroughly underpowered GMA 950 graphics. Apart from surfing, it can’t handle HD video playback and games on its own. Despite of lots of dissatisfaction, users have nothing to choice but accepted unwillingly. All these results in Atom apparent large market share with least satisfaction.

NVIDIA releases ION platform 

Someone may have wonder that other processor makers don’t have low power consumption platform? In fact, VIA and AMD launched their own Nano and Yukon respectively. However, products based on Nano platform are hard to find on the market. Yukon platform is only targeted at ultra-thin laptop market.
Nvidia proposed a solution to this problem a few months ago with the introduction of its Ion reference design. The Ion platform is essentially just a GeForce 9400 chipset—the same silicon found in the MacBook Air and Micro-ATX GeForce 9400 desktop motherboards—paired with an Atom processor.

Today our lab got Zotac ION ITX-A, which is also the first ION product to reach China. Which aspects it is different from previous Atom+945GC attract you to look into.

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