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World first Radeon HD 4750 pictured
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Published on 2009/9/4 by Florence

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PAGE1:Non-reference HD4750

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Our previous reports have said that ATI will release Radeon HD 4750 based on RV740 core.Today,this new card from ATI famous partner PowerColor arrives at our lab.

It seems very simliar with Powercolor new released HD4770.Both of them use the same PCB.

This HD4750 adopts non-reference PCB and features AC cooler instead of older cooler.Compared to HD4770,it has lower frequency due to low heat dissipation of 40nm RV740.In terms of cooler,aluminum heatsink and large-size silent fan with low speed can meet cooling demand.


As for power circuit design, two phase power supply for core,one phase for memory.


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