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PC Requirements for gaming
INPAI Report
Athlon II X4 620 PK Core 2 Q8200
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Published on 2009/9/8 by Florence

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PAGE3:Test platform

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Test platform configuration table

Hardware platform


Athlon II X4 620

Phenom X4 9650

Core 2 Q8200


Intel P45 DDR3


4GB DDR3 1333
4GB DDR2 800


Seagate Barracuda  7200.10 320GB

 VGA Card

Radeon HD 4870




OC3 HP-1204X


Cooler Master 500W

Operating system


Windows 7 RTM 64bit


 MB Drivers

AMD Catalyst 9.8
Intel inf_9.1.0.1012 WHQL version

 VGA Drivers

AMD Catalyst 9.8


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