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New way of cracking AthlonII X3
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Published on 2009/11/25 by mac

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PAGE1:Just crack L3 cache

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Recently we can see propaganda of processor crack every processor stores in Zhongguancun ,it seems that processors crack has become a major selling point nowdays,and also is very fashionable new ways in DIY player.After all , you spent 500-600 yuan bought a processors ,After crack its performace will equale a processor Value 1,000 yuan ,this will certainly attract more users to follow.

Today i will bring to a new way for crack AthlonII X3 processors--just L3 cache,not to crack out the fourth core,Maybe someone will ask why doing this? Dose crack the fourth core better?Following i will talk about my intention.

In fact, authors method is only for  particular situation.We all know that tri-core processors actually are a quad-core processors which shielded off a core,the core which shielded off always has quality problems .Of course we does not exclude AMD do it because of marketing strategy, deliberately allow some good to switch off one core of quad core processors to sell.we think it is not strange.As a result,there will be two situations:If you are lucky ,you will buy a tri-core cpu which just been shielded off a core .After crack can become a normal operation  quad-core processor;if bad luck,the turned off core had indeed problem even it can be cracked ,you maybe can not stable operation even can not get into OS.

From the current situation , AthlonII X3 unlike always success crack .After a number of attempts,we found AthlonII X3 processors can also provide an alternative solution,we have chance to break out L3 cache.this should thanks to AthlonII X3 series is Deneb core.In other words some AthlonII X3 not only can crack core ,but also can get L3 cache.But like I said above,if the core has problem,you can not succeed in cracking.

If we change  in thinking,through the opening of ACC function realization break,if can not open the bad core which AthlonII X3 has been turned off,just break out L3 cache, it is likely to work . So although AthlonII X3 can not become a quad-core processor, but at least can have the same specifications with PhenomII X3 , also allows significant increase in processor performance!

Of course, to achieve this goal, we need the motherboard can do:  support the ACC function, at the same time can control the closure of a single core.

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