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7 test! HD5970 Cooler review
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Published on 2009/12/14 by mac

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PAGE1:Dual-core graphics card adds pressure on cooling

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At end of septemer, ATI launched the highly anticipated next-generation 40-nm DX11 graphics card HD5800 series, which by virtue of excellent performance and integration of the many displays special effects attracted a lot of attention. In order to meet the needs of mid-market, ATI has launched HD5700 Series graphics cards which price is lower, Has been welcomed by gamers

Before launch of HD5800 series of graphics cards, there was news that ATI will launch a dual-core products based on the RV870 graphics core and called HD5870x2. Over time, this dual-core flagship card outline gradually clear, until recently, this formally known as Radeon HD 5970 card the 40nm flagship card was finally released. we also at the first time carried out a detailed evaluation :"The roar of 40nm!HD5970 review "

ATI x2 specifications video card has launch for a long time, along with the heat issue also has been a long time, when HD 5870 lanched ,we at the first time tested its cooling system in detail, we can say though is more superior than the previous generation , but its performance is still far weaker than other high-end retail radiator in market, while deal with this dual-core graphics cards, it also gives us a bit worried. But the surprise is that the HD5970 is not simple adopt HD5870 style design, but use more high-end Vapor Chamber designe, so that is a higher level cooling system, but does it ability to withstand the HD5970 Baptism? we are naturally still need to pass the test to carry out inspection.

This test, we will not only carry out a detailed introduction to radiators, but also on the Vapor Chamber technology for detailed explanations. In addition, this test not only contains conventional tests Furmark , but also joined 6 mainstream game tests of to show HD5970 cooling effect.

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Article Index

PAGE 01:-Dual-core graphics card adds pressure on cooling
PAGE 02:-Parameter measured
PAGE 03:-fins excellence design
PAGE 04:-Unique design of Vapor Chamber
PAGE 05:-Pure Copper base,dual-bank design
PAGE 06:-fan size just fine
PAGE 07:-turbo-fan and automatic speed control
PAGE 08:-Other
PAGE 09:-Other
PAGE 10:-Using i7 platform to test and games
PAGE 11:-Benchmark: full load test:FurMark
PAGE 12:-DX9 game test:Left 4 Dead
PAGE 13:-DX9 game test:Street Fighter IV
PAGE 14:-DX10 game test:Crysis
PAGE 15:-DX10 game test:Resident Evil 5
PAGE 16:-DX10 game test:World in Conflict
PAGE 17:-OpenGL game test:Wolfenstein
PAGE 18:-summary
PAGE 19:-Other
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