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Athlon II X2 220 unlock core review
Published on 2010/9/2 by mac

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PAGE1:Athlon II X2 220 turn into quad cores

 "unlock core" is undoubtedly a very attractive feature of AMD processors,If you are very interested in this area you will know Athlon X2 5000 is the hottest processor,which can unlock core,Through "unlock core",Athlon X2 may be transformed into a more high-end Phenom II X4, users only need to spend less than $48 can get a $100 level quad-core processor, its price performance is very good.

Although Athlon X2 5000 have gradually withdrawn from the market, but recently a new AthlonII X2 220 appeared.(reference price $47),This processor also can transform into "Phenom II X4 "(100% can be unlocked AthlonII X2 220 price is $57).In order to show performance of AthlonII X2 220 before / after unlock,We immediately got a AthlonII X2 220,We hope through this test to show the performance of this processor .

AthlonII X2 220

Before the test,Lets review the specifications of AthlonII X2 220, Through the CPUZ screenshot we can see AthlonII X2 220 core frequency is 2.8GHz,which is same with AthlonII X2 240,But L1 cache is only 1MB, others is same.By these specifications can be inferred, AthlonII X2 220 after unlock is equal to quad-core Phenom II X4 925.

AthlonII X2 220 CPUZ Information Screenshot

Because we want know the performance of AthlonII X2 220 after unlock,So compare the performance before / after unlock will be the best way to show difference of performance.In this test,We will also add in other processor.Weve said that AthlonII X2 220 after unlock will be Phenom II X4 925,So in this test we should see performance of really Phenom II X4 925.In addition, we also will add the performance of AthlonII X2 245 (AthlonII X2 240 has been delisting),Because a lot of friends will like to know the performance difference between them, so I will add AthlonII X2 245 in.

Of course, We will not miss Intel processor.We have chosen Pentium E5300 as AthlonII X2 220s rival and Core i3 530 as rival of AthlonII X2 220,which after unlock core.

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PAGE 01:-Athlon II X2 220 turn into quad cores
PAGE 02:-Test Introduce
PAGE 03:-CPU computing test - Wprime 2.0
PAGE 04:-File compression - WinRAR 3.92
PAGE 05:-Image Processing - Photoshop CS5
PAGE 06:-3D rendering - CineBench R11.5
PAGE 07:-Video Coding - H .264 Encoder V2
PAGE 08:-Game Test - Starcraft II
PAGE 09:-Game Test -Tom Clancys HAWX
PAGE 10:-Game Test - Colin McRae Dirt 2
PAGE 11:-Game Test - Battlefield: Bad Company 2
PAGE 12:-Game Test - Lost Planet 2
PAGE 13:-Final Words
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