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SandyBridge Core i7 2600K review
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Published on 2010/11/25 by mac

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PAGE1:Sandy Bridge architecture

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When talk about "SB" What would you think? I think that not many people can know the means of SB,In fact it is a new core hardware.I believe if you are familiar with hardware, youve already known its meaning, Intel next-generation processor,which will come out early next year, code-named - Sandy Bridge.

People have concern for Sandy Bridge very long time, every news about Sandy Bridge will attract a lot of attention. According to the exact sources confirmed, Sandy Bridge will be in CES next year.Although we still need wait more than a month,But we have got a engineering samples of Sandy Bridge, and it is a unlocked high-end Core i7.Base on previous message, Intel has began mass production Sandy Bridge, So we have one is not too strange.Anyway, this will give us a chance to know the performance of Sandy Bridge .

We get this Sandy Bridge core Core i7 processors

Sandy Bridge is codename of Intel next-generation processor, the core architecture will also use in Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 processor.

Sandy Bridge core Core i7 2600K CPUZ screenshot

From the screenshot of CPUZ, We can see that this processor uses 32nm process and LGA1155 interface, with four core, eight thread, support Hyper-Threading technology ,share 8MB L3 cache, from the specifications we will know it is a high-end Core i7 series processor.

Although Sandy Bridge is new generation Intel processors, but in fact it is base on current Core i7 architecture.If you want to know Sandy Bridge better,The best way is to compare with current Core i7, Core i7 800 series.

From left to right for the Nehalem, Westmere, Sandy Bridge core display

Although weve seen some test of Sandy Bridge before,But the test project is very few,So it natural difficult to fully show the performance of Sandy Bridge.But today we will test detailed and comprehensive as possible, and we will give you some necessary introduction and analysis, so that you can know Sandy Bridge deeply.

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Article Index

PAGE 01:-Sandy Bridge architecture
PAGE 02:-Sandy Bridge Architecture Analysis
PAGE 03:-Graphics Core
PAGE 04:-The new generation of Turbo Boost
PAGE 05:-Sandy Bridge is forced to limit overclocking
PAGE 06:-Specifications and model summary
PAGE 07:-Two generations of Core i7 PK
PAGE 08:-CPU operation tests - Wprime 2.0
PAGE 09:-CPU operation tests - FritzChess
PAGE 10:-File compression - WinRAR 3.92
PAGE 11:-File compression - 7-zip 9.13
PAGE 12:-image processing - Photoshop CS5
PAGE 13:-3D rendering - POV-Ray 3.7
PAGE 14:-3D rendering - CineBench R11.5
PAGE 15:-Video Coding - H .264 Encoder V2
PAGE 16:-Game tests - Battlefield: Bad Company 2
PAGE 17:-Game tests - Mafia 2
PAGE 18:-Game tests - Starcraft II
PAGE 19:-Game tests - F1 2010
PAGE 20:-Game tests - Medal of Honor 2010
PAGE 21:-Game Test - Call of Duty 7: Black Ops
PAGE 22:-How energy consumption?
PAGE 23:-Turbo Boost 2.0 Testing - Software articles
PAGE 24:-Turbo Boost 2.0 test - Game
PAGE 25:-Conclusions
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