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SandyBridge Core i7 2600K review
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Published on 2010/11/25 by mac

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PAGE7:Two generations of Core i7 PK

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◆ Test Platform

Test platform

Hardware platform
CPUCore i7 2600K (3.4GHz)

Core i7 875K (3.4GHz)

MotherboardIntel P67
Intel P55
MemoryTwo 2GB DDR3 1333
HDDSeagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB
VGA CardGTX 580
CoolerPCCooler HP-1204X
PowerCoolerMaster 500W
Operating system
OSWindows 7 RTM 64bit
MB DriversCD comes with drivers for the motherboard P67
Intel inf_9.1.1.1025 PV Edition
VGA DriversNVIDIA ForceWare 262.99 WHQL

◆ Test Description

The Sandy Bridge which we got default frequency is 2.8GHz, but because it is not locked multiplier, you can directly increase frequency to Core i7 2600K level, it is the most high-end processor of first wave Sandy Bridge processor, the core clock is 3.4 GHz.To keep the comparison under the same frequency, we have chosen Core i7 875K, Although the default frequency is only 2.93GHz,But it does not lock the multiplier,So we can adjust to 25 multiplier,the FSB frequency set to 136MHz, So the core clock also reaching 3.4GHz.

In order to fully show performance of Sandy Bridge,the test project is very comprehensive including scientific computing, image processing, 3D rendering, video encoding, file compressing / decompressing and 3D games.

BecauseSandy Bridge process has been upgraded to 32nm, while the Core i7 875K is still 45nm, power consumption change also will be point.

Processor Specifications
 Core i7 2600KCore i7 875K
Basic Specifications Processor
CodenameSandy BridgeLynnfield
Cores4 (with Hyper-Threading)4 (with Hyper-Threading)
Interface TypeLGA1155LGA1156
Manufacturing Process32nm45nm
Default frequency3.4GHz2.93GHz
Cache4 × 64KB4 × 64KB
Secondary cache4 × 256KB4 × 256KB
Three-level cache8MB8MB
 Turbo BoostTurbo Boost 2.0  Turbo Boost 1.0

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Article Index

PAGE 01:-Sandy Bridge architecture
PAGE 02:-Sandy Bridge Architecture Analysis
PAGE 03:-Graphics Core
PAGE 04:-The new generation of Turbo Boost
PAGE 05:-Sandy Bridge is forced to limit overclocking
PAGE 06:-Specifications and model summary
PAGE 07:-Two generations of Core i7 PK
PAGE 08:-CPU operation tests - Wprime 2.0
PAGE 09:-CPU operation tests - FritzChess
PAGE 10:-File compression - WinRAR 3.92
PAGE 11:-File compression - 7-zip 9.13
PAGE 12:-image processing - Photoshop CS5
PAGE 13:-3D rendering - POV-Ray 3.7
PAGE 14:-3D rendering - CineBench R11.5
PAGE 15:-Video Coding - H .264 Encoder V2
PAGE 16:-Game tests - Battlefield: Bad Company 2
PAGE 17:-Game tests - Mafia 2
PAGE 18:-Game tests - Starcraft II
PAGE 19:-Game tests - F1 2010
PAGE 20:-Game tests - Medal of Honor 2010
PAGE 21:-Game Test - Call of Duty 7: Black Ops
PAGE 22:-How energy consumption?
PAGE 23:-Turbo Boost 2.0 Testing - Software articles
PAGE 24:-Turbo Boost 2.0 test - Game
PAGE 25:-Conclusions
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