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SandyBridge Core i5 2500K review
Published on 2010/12/12 by mac
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PAGE1:Core i5 2500K debut


As we all know, Intel will release the new generation code-named Sandy Bridge processors early next year.Not long time ago,We published the article <SandyBridge Core i7 2600K review> In that tese,Weve known well about Sandy Bridge Core i7 2600K.

Of course, Sandy Bridge Core i7 is not just has this one series product.In fist wave Sandy Bridge,It still contains mid-level Core i5 series, compared to Core i7, the price will naturally be cheaper much, So it can be more accepted by most consumers.Like current Core i5 7xx, it is very popular now,So the next generation version of Sandy Bridge Core i5 also will attract great concern. We got a Sandy Bridge Core i5 2500K,So today we will show you the performance of this processor.

Before the test,Lets look at the specifications of Core i5 2500K.

Core i5 2500K CPUZ screenshot

From the CPUZ screenshot we can see the specifications of Core i5 2500K and it is correct.It is base on 32nm process and LGA1155 interface, the default core frequency is 3.33GHz, with four core, but does not support Hyper-Threading technology.It has 6MB shared L3 cache,the number less than Core i7 2600K and Core i5 7xx about 2MB.Depending on the model of the "K", we can see this processor did not lock the multiplier.

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