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PC Requirements for gaming
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4GHz E8400 VS G620/i3 2100
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Published on 2011/7/14 by mac

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PAGE1:E8400 and G620/i3 2100

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Now, with a large number of low-cost motherboard H61 emergence,The cost of LGA1155 platform have dropped significantly, so many users when DIT a new PC,They start inclined to choose an LGA1155 socket processor.Under this situation,The mainstream Pentium G620 attract a lot of people attention.After all, When compare with the last generation LGA1156 processor,which has same market postion,G620 will has better price performance.

In our previous article,We have compare the classic Pentium E5200 after overclocking with G620.Through the post of readers,We found a lot of reads are not satisfy with 4G E5200,and they want to see overclocked Core2 Duo E8400 compare with G620.Today, we will meet everyones request.

Core2 Duo E8400

In fact,In our previous test article, We did not add E8400 because its position.At that time, E8400 price is only a little higher than $155,and the price of G620 now is only $76.From the positioning point of view, there is no direct connection between the two products.But if just from the product itself, Dual-core E8400 and G620 still has some connection.In addition, after considers , we also decided to join Core i3 2100 in test, the processor has impressive performance and the price is more reasonable, It also attract many consumers.

E8400 has another advantage, that is able to overclock.This generation of Intel processors have been limited overclocking ability,Fortunately high-end Core i5/i7 has no question, many motherboard manufacturers can use Turbo Boost technology to unlock certain frequency limit, the processor will get slightly headroom for overclocking.The Core i3 and Pentium series almost can not be overclocked.
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PAGE 01:-E8400 and G620/i3 2100
PAGE 02:-The Test
PAGE 03:-Arithmetic Performance - Sandra 2011
PAGE 04:-Multimedia Performance - Sandra 2011
PAGE 05:-Memory Bandwidth Test - Sandra 2011
PAGE 06:-Operational Performance - Wprime 2.04
PAGE 07:-Professional rendering test - CINEBENCH R11
PAGE 08:-File Compression test - WinRAR 4.01
PAGE 09:-File Compression test - 7-Zip 9.20
PAGE 10:-Video Encoding - H .264 Encoder V2
PAGE 11:-Game Performance - 3DMark Vantage
PAGE 12:-Game Test - StarCraft Ⅱ
PAGE 13:-Game Test - Call of Duty: Black Ops
PAGE 14:-Game Test - Crysis
PAGE 15:-Game Test - Battlefield: Bad company 2
PAGE 16:-Game Test - Colin Mcrae: Dirt 3
PAGE 17:-Other Test - full load and standby power consumption
PAGE 18:-Final Words
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