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PC Requirements for gaming
INPAI Report
50 CPU test in Battlefield 3
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Published on 2011/11/30 by mac

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PAGE4:1680 × 1050 Ultra-quality

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1680 × 1050 is typical resolution of 22-inch 16:10 display,under lower resolution, we can see game FPS of some high-end processor became higher.

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Article Index

PAGE 01:-Introduce
PAGE 02:-Test Description
PAGE 03:-1920 × 1080 Ultra-quality
PAGE 04:-1680 × 1050 Ultra-quality
PAGE 05:-1440 × 900 high-definition
PAGE 06:-Core number effect on game performance
PAGE 07:-frequency effect on game performance (1)
PAGE 08:-frequency effect on game performance (2)
PAGE 09:-cache effect on game performance
PAGE 10:-Athlon X2 5000 unlock cores
PAGE 11:-Athlon II X2 220 unclock test
PAGE 12:-Core i3 2100 Hyper-Threading effect test
PAGE 13:-Core i7 2600K Hyper-Threading impact
PAGE 14:-The classic PK: Athlon64 X2 3600+ VS PentiumD 820
PAGE 15:-The classic PK: Athlon X2 7750 VS Pentium E5200
PAGE 16:-The classic PK: PhenomII X3 720 and Core2 E8400
PAGE 17:-The classic PK: AthlonII X4 620 and Core2 Q8200
PAGE 18:-Conclusions
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